CIS disclosures

Collective investment schemes in securities are generally medium- to long-term investments. The value of participatory interests or the investment may go down as well as up. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. MET Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd (the manager) does not provide any guarantee, either with respect to the capital or the return of a portfolio. The manager has the right to close certain portfolios to new investors to manage them more efficiently, in accordance with their mandates. Collective investment schemes are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. The collective investment scheme may borrow up to 10% of the market value of the portfolio to bridge insufficient liquidity.

Annualised returns are period returns re-scaled to a period of one year. This allows investors to compare returns of different assets that they have owned for different lengths of time. Actual annual figures are available to the investor on request. Income distributions, prior to deduction of applicable taxes, are included in the performance calculations. NAV to NAV figures have been used for the performance calculations, as calculated by the manager at the valuation point defined in the deed, over all reporting periods. Investment performance calculations are available for verification upon request by any person. Reinvestment of income is calculated on the actual amount distributed per participatory interest, using the ex-dividend date NAV price of the applicable class of the portfolio, irrespective of the actual reinvestment date. The performance is calculated for the portfolio. The individual investor performance may differ, as a result of initial fees, the actual investment date, the date of reinvestment and dividend withholding tax.

Different classes of participatory interests apply to these portfolios and are subject to different fees and charges. A schedule of fees, charges and maximum commissions is available on request from the manager, or is available on the website at Forward pricing is used. The portfolio valuation time is 08h30 for fund of funds and feeder funds and the cut-off time for the execution of trades for fund of funds and feeder funds is 14h00 on the day preceding the pricing date. The portfolio valuation time is 15h00 for all other portfolios and the transaction cut-off time is 14h00. If execution could not take place on the same day, it will take place the next business day, or at the earliest possible opportunity.

Foreign securities within portfolios may have additional material risks, depending on the specific risks affecting that country, such as: potential constraints on liquidity and the repatriation of funds; macroeconomic risks; political risks; foreign exchange risks; tax risks; settlement risks; and potential limitations on the availability of market information. Fluctuations or movements in exchange rates may cause the value of underlying international investments to go up or down. Investors are reminded that an investment in a currency other than their own may expose them to a foreign exchange risk.

The terms and conditions as well as the minimum disclosure document (MDD) for each portfolio are available on MET Collective Investments’ website at Associates of the manager may be invested within certain portfolios and the details thereof are available from the manager.

MMI Holdings Limited is a full member of the Association for Savings and Investment SA. The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is the trustee of the MET Collective Investments Scheme, 20th Floor Main Tower, Standard Bank Centre, Adderley Street, Cape Town, 8001. The manager and trustee are registered and approved under the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act (No. 45 of 2002).

The manager retains full legal responsibility for the third-party-named portfolio.

Money market portfolios

A money market portfolio is not a bank deposit account. The price of a participatory interest is a marked-to-market value. The total return to the investor is made up of interest received and any gain or loss made on any particular instrument, and in most cases the return will merely have the effect of increasing or decreasing the daily yield, but in the case of abnormal losses, it can have the effect of reducing the capital value of the portfolio. Excessive withdrawals from the portfolio may place the portfolio under liquidity pressures, and in such circumstances a process of ring-fencing of withdrawal instructions and managed pay-outs over time may be followed.


Bond/income disclosures

The yields of the PIC MET Bond Fund, are historic and calculated monthly.